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I tested several games regarding playability and performance on a 3dfx Voodoo Banshee. For testing, I used my Banshee Retro-PC which is configured as follows:


  • Intel Celeron (Mendocino) 533 MHz
  • 256 MB SD-RAM @ 66 MHz
  • Gigabyte GA-630 AGP 16 MB
  • Windows 98 SE /w unofficial SP2.1d + DirectX 8.1
  • Driver: Raziel Evolution v1.00.00b

You can find a closer description of the system in this article:


My 3dfx Voodoo Banshee Retromachine

Meet the BanLibuCino! I want to introduce to ...

Game Recommended Resolution Detail Settings 3D API used Comment
Adventure Pinball - Forgotten Island 800x600 Medium Detail Glide
Carmageddon Standard Full Detail Glide Install 3dfx 1.2 Patch, start the game with -vrush parameter
Blood 2 800x600 High D3D In Advanced Settings: Check Enable Poly Gap Fixing
Dethcarz 1024x768 High (with GA-630: Extreme) Glide
Dungeon Keeper 2 800x600 Everything checked / high D3D
Expendable 1024x768 Everything checked / high except Bump Mapping D3D
Half-Life 800x600 Default 3dfx-MiniGL Install 3dfx MiniGL 1.49
Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 640x480 Texture: Medium OpenGL
Interstate '76 640x480 Everthing checked / high Glide
Klingon Honor Guard 800x600 Full Detail Glide Install 1.1 Patch; graphical glitches in the menu; issues with shadows in the game
Need for Speed II SE 640x480 Full Detail Glide Install Voodoo 2 Patch
Need for Speed III 800x600 Everything checked / high Glide
Need for Speed IV 800x600 Everything checked / high Glide
Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed 800x600 Everything checked / high Glide
Quake 2 800x600 Full Detail 3dfx MiniGL Install 3dfx MiniGL 1.49
Quake 3 Arena 800x600 "Normal" Preset OpenGL
Rune 800x600 Everything checked / high Glide
Test Drive 5 1024x768 Default Glide
Turok 640x480 Default Glide
Turok 2 1024x768 High Detail, Everthing checked Glide
Unreal (/GOLD) 800x600 Everything checked / high Glide Gold: min desired Framerate: 0
Unreal Tournament 800x600 Everything checked / high Glide min desired Framerate: 0
Undying 800x600 Full Detail Glide

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