I-O Data GA-VDB16/PCI-1

I-O Data GA-VDB16PCI-1 - Front

BIOS Boot-Up String

VGA BIOS - Version 1.00.01-ET
Copyright (C) 1990-1998 Elpin Systems, Inc.
All rights reserved.

3Dfx Interactive, Inc.
GA-VDB16/PCI [BIOS Ver1.00.01 - Etron 636327Q-8]
Copyright 1998 (c) I-O DATA DEVICE,INC.


The I-O Data Banshee is certainly an interesting card. You can clearly see that this was made (and developped) in Japan, it looks heavy duty with the huge amount of electrical components used on this rather compact layout. There is also a high quality fan installed. It looks more like an industrial part than a regular consumer graphics card.

Tech Specs

  • Core Clock: 100 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 120 MHz
  • Memory Type: SG-RAM
  • Memory Size: 16MB
  • PCB Date: none found..
  • BIOS Version: 1.00.01-ET
  • BIOS Date: 08/24/98
  • Notes: Sold in Asia only, extremely rare in Europe

Pictures of the card:

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