Diamond Monster Fusion

Diamond Monster Fusion - Front

BIOS Boot-Up Strings

The standard field where the Boot-Up String is stored in the BIOS is empty. Diamond used some custom Splash Screen on their cards (which I really like, stylistically). This seems to be stored in a seperate location inside the BIOS.


Pretty fast card and luckily still one of the easier to obtain Banshees. Only the fan is not of the best durability and may need rework or replacement on most cards (this one is fine).

Tech Specs

  • Core Clock: 105 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 120 MHz
  • Memory Type: SG-RAM
  • Memory Size: 16MB
  • PCB Date: 5198
  • BIOS Version: 1.20B4803
  • BIOS Date: 10/15/98
  • Notes: one of the fastest Banshees

Pictures of the card:

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