PMC Pace 3D Edge

PMC Pace 3D Edge - Front

BIOS Boot-Up String

VGA BIOS - Version 1.00.03-ET
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Pace 3D Edge.


This card has a custom layout with memory chips on both sides of the PCB and TV-out connectors. There's also an adaptor cable with SCART connector included. Interestingly, the memory chips on the front and on the rear side differ (same manufacturer but different models).

The box is oddly shaped and well stuffed with contents. If memory serves me right, this card ranges in my personal top five concerning money spent on a Banshee. Defenitely a rare card, especially when boxed. The bare card itself should be obtainable with some patience in the UK. But I must admit I didn't check ebay in the past 10 or 12 years for it. Back then it was readily available in the UK, so there might still be a chance.

Tech Specs

  • Core Clock: 100 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 100 MHz
  • Memory Type: SG-RAM
  • Memory Size: 16MB
  • PCB Date: 9848
  • BIOS Version: 1.00.03-ET
  • BIOS Date: 10/10/98
  • Notes: Card with TV-out, SCART cable included

Pictures of the card:

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2 thoughts on “PMC Pace 3D Edge”

  1. I worked for PMC electronics on public technical support help desk. These were fine cards when they weren’t overheating. We had so many of these sent back that we had to replace. Eventually, we’d recommend taking a fan from a K6 or 486 CPU and attaching to the heatsink. I managed to nab a spare one that I had in my PC for work. First thing I did was attach a fan so it wouldn’t cook itself.

    1. Wow that’s cool, I’ve never heard of PMC before this card and I never came across any other PMC graphics cards ever after. And now an PMC ex-employee finds my site 🙂
      The Banshee generally runs pretty hot, but I never had issues with passively cooled models – but back in the day no one cared about cable management and I would imagine, passively cooled Banshees in unventilated systems full of ribbon cables had some hard times 😉

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