ELSA Victory II-A16

ELSA Victory II-A16 - Front

BIOS Boot-Up String

Copyright (c) 1998-98 ELSA AG, Aachen (Germany)
Copyright (c) 1990-98 Elpin Systems, Inc.
All Rights Reserved


Custom PCB by former german manufacturer ELSA. This one is naturally also one of the more common cards in germany and I am happy to have it Complete-in-Box in mint condition. I also have the 3D Relevator Glasses (which could be used on all ELSA cards) but could never test it, since I already didn't own a single CRT anymore at the time a came across the glasses.

Tech Specs

  • Core Clock: 100 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 115 MHz
  • Memory Type: SG-RAM
  • Memory Size: 16MB
  • PCB Date: 9912
  • BIOS Version: 4.04.02
  • BIOS Date: 12/16/98
  • Notes: can be used with 3D glasses (ELSA 3D Revelator)

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