Welcome to 3dfx-banshee.de – the ultimate ressource for 3dfx Banshee cards!

I am happy to finally provide all of you with a site worthy of my collection. I redid the photos of all cards (although my camera is not much newer as the cards themselves, I think they are way better now..), added some new ones as well as additional information on every card, so that this place can provide you with lots of useful information on a predominant share of all 3dfx Banshees ever released.

If you’d like to see further information, benchmarks, tests or similar – please write your comments here, I’ll try to cover it in the future. But – please have patience with me, as I have lots of old stuff to “play with” and very limited time.


– Tweakstone

Recent Updates:

  • Live!
    It is finally done! After months of work I can finally open this new place for all of you interested in 3dfx Banshee cards. I hope this site proves useful to fans of old hardware – I am excited to read your feedback!


2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Cool site, I personally own 4 working Banshee cards. All of them are listed on your site! They are my favorite cards in my 3DFX collection. The description of the cards is pretty accurate, great contribution.

    1. Hey, thank you very much for your comment! Glad you like it. If I am lucky I can present a few more cards in the next months (maybe in early 2021).

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