Welcome to 3dfx-banshee.de – the ultimate ressource for 3dfx Banshee cards!

I am happy to finally provide all of you with a site worthy of my collection. I redid the photos of all cards (although my camera is not much newer as the cards themselves, I think they are way better now..), added some new ones as well as additional information on every card, so that this place can provide you with lots of useful information on a predominant share of all 3dfx Banshees ever released.

If you’d like to see further information, benchmarks, tests or similar – please write your comments here, I’ll try to cover it in the future. But – please have patience with me, as I have lots of old stuff to “play with” and very limited time.


– Tweakstone

Recent Updates:

  • Two Announcements
    I got two announcements to make 🙂 First of all (to set some pressure on myself), I have a new (second) website in the making. Compared to this site, it will be times X larger and not limited to a single topic like this site is, but on old PC hardware of any kind. Right… Read more: Two Announcements
  • Site errors, continued
    Today I discovered, that wordpress automatically overwrites changes that I made to my .htaccess file. I don’t know since when this happens, but I assume since the last WordPress Update. Whenever I replace the file with my working backup, it gets overwritten within 2 minutes. I think, I now have a working way to prevent… Read more: Site errors, continued
  • New Banshee Card
    I am happy to announce a new Banshee that was added to the collection. It is the Axle Triple D, an extremely tiny card. You can take a look at it here: Axle Triple D Banshee
  • Site errors fixed
    Hey guys, today I discovered that all pages except for the landing page showed a nasty “500 internal server error”. This is because I have customizations which get overwritten during wordpress updates and need to be redone after every update. I’m sorry that I didn’t notice this earlier, but now the site is up and… Read more: Site errors fixed
  • Live!
    It is finally done! After months of work I can finally open this new place for all of you interested in 3dfx Banshee cards. I hope this site proves useful to fans of old hardware – I am excited to read your feedback!


9 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hey there! Great site about an interesting card you have here 🙂 I’ve recently set up a Pentium 2 PC with a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee (CT6760) to play early 3D / Glide games. It works like a charm and POD looks great – as long as I play on a CRT (@120Hz). If I connect to LCD monitor (@60Hz) I end up with pretty noticable screen tearing. Enabling VSync in the most recent Creative driver doesn’t change anything about this, of course.
    Is this an known issue? Do you happen to know, if it is specific to the Creative Card(s)?

    1. Hey thanks! First of all, this is most definitely not an issue that has to do with the creative cards. Several things would be interesting to know:
      – Does the tearing appear in other games, too?
      – Is this a very old LCD (they are often pretty slow)?
      – Did you try other drivers (I recommend either the last official 3dfx driver 1.04.00 or the Raziel Evolution 1.00.00b)?
      – VSync shoud take care of the issue, strange that it does not.

      – I personally did not experience the issue with my banshee system, P.O.D. runs fine on my 15 year old EIZO 21″ LCD 🙂

      1. Thank you for your answer! I’m using a 20″ DELL 2007FPb TFT-monitor, which has no tearing issues when diplaying VGA signals from a Radeon 9600 PRO card.
        Currently i’m using the latest Crative 3D Blaster Banshee drivers 1.10 and BIOS v1.03.2.
        I will check out the drivers you recommended! Thanks again!

  2. Cool site, I personally own 4 working Banshee cards. All of them are listed on your site! They are my favorite cards in my 3DFX collection. The description of the cards is pretty accurate, great contribution.

    1. Hey, thank you very much for your comment! Glad you like it. If I am lucky I can present a few more cards in the next months (maybe in early 2021).

      1. Hi again, now I have the same sound card from your BanLibuCino PC!
        I recently found an unused and boxed Turtle Beach Malibu 64 ISA sound card. I think it goes really well with the Banshee, even though I have rarer sound cards and which were more expensive at the time.
        I really like your build, so I had to grab it. 🙂

        1. Haha, nice move 😀 Yeah, I think the Malibu is really special because it is so highly integrated and still offers great compatibility and rather unique Midi sound. I also think it fits nicely in a Banshee system. Congratulations to your Malibu!

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