Two Announcements

I got two announcements to make 🙂

First of all (to set some pressure on myself), I have a new (second) website in the making. Compared to this site, it will be times X larger and not limited to a single topic like this site is, but on old PC hardware of any kind. Right now, I am writing a lot of content for one big project that I want to have ready for the launch, which consists of several (extensive) reviews and a lot of benchmarks comparing the reviewed components. The site itself is about 80-90% final from a layout & function point of view and I am done with around 50-60% of the launch content I think. I work hard (in all the time I can spend on this) to make it happen this year, but I can’t promise anything. Stay tuned and bookmark my new site:!


The second thing I want to mention, is that I have a Ko-Fi set up now. So if you want to support what I am doing, you can hit that “Buy me a coffee” button on the left. Any help is appreciated, I promise every cent goes into hardware and helps creating content (for the new site). Thanks in advance to your support 🙂

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