Leadtek Winfast 3D S310

Leadtek Winfast 3D S310 - Front

BIOS Boot-Up String

Leadtek uses a custom BIOS Splash Screen, which is really nice looking. The content however does not show up in the BIOS editor for me to copy 🙁


At the time the 3dfx Banshee came to market, Leadtek had no market share in europe, which is a shame. With the Geforce 2 generation of 3d chips in the year 2000 they entered the european market and became relevant instantly. The Winfast 3D S310 has a custom PCB and is a rare part (at least in europe). I always liked Leadtek products and this card is no exception. It also looks really fast somehow 😀

Tech Specs

  • Core Clock: 100 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 100 MHz
  • Memory Type: SG-RAM
  • Memory Size: 16MB
  • PCB Date: 9850
  • BIOS Version: 1.00.03-ET
  • BIOS Date: 12/18/98
  • Notes: PCB has soldering points for TV-out including PAL/NTSC Jumper

Pictures of the card:

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