My 3dfx Voodoo Banshee Retromachine


Meet the BanLibuCino!

I want to introduce to you my 3dfx Voodoo Banshee Retromachine, home of my Gigabyte GA-630 card. This is the system, where the game compatibility tests were done on.


I put this system together in 2020, after I received a small computercase from the nineties in sensational shape. I just had to build another retromachine and decided that a new Banshee system would fit perfectly in this nice little case.


The selection of the platform was not an easy decision. Slot 1, Super Socket 7 and early Socket 370 with Intel BX/ZX were all viable options. What all of them have in common, is, that the availability of mainboards in the mATX formfactor is not the greatest. The widest range of mainboards to choose from in this formfactor can surely be found within the Socket 370 ecosystem, but often these come with integrated graphics and without AGP port.


But after a while of research on ebay I came across a Fujitsu Siemens mainboard based on the Intel i440ZX chipset, which I then equipped with the fastest Intel Celeron based on the Mendocino Core - the Intel Celeron 533 MHz.


I think the CPU is a perfect match for a 3dfx Banshee based system and so far I am very happy with my choice.


In terms of audio, I installed a nice little powerhouse made by Turlte Beach - the Malibu Surround 64. This inconspicous piece offers compatibility to all important DOS sound standards like Adlib, OPL3, SB Pro and WSS and homes a fantastically sounding Kurzweil Wavetable for Midi music. In combination with the Banshee's excellent DOS speed and compatibility, it enables this machine to be an interesting choice for DOS gaming as well.




  • CPU: 
  • Cooler: 
  • Case:
  • Mainboard:
  • RAM:
  • Graphics:
  • NIC:
  • Audio:
  • HDD:
  • ODD:
  • PSU:
Intel Celeron 533 MHz [Mendocino]
Thermaltake Volcano Kühlkörper @ Y.S. Tech PD1270153B-2F 70mm
Hyrican mATX Tower
Fujitsu Siemens D1131 (Intel i440ZX)
2x 128MB PC100 @ PC66 CL3 2-2-X
Gigabyte GA-630 16MB AGP (Voodoo Banshee)
Intel Pro/100+ PCI
Turtle Beach Malibu Surround 64
Western Digital WD400BB-00FJA0 (ATA100 / 40GB / 7.200RPM)
Pioneer DVD-106S/2 (ATA66 / 16x/40x DVD-ROM)
HEC 300W (HEC-300AR-PTF)


Pictures of the System:

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4 thoughts on “My 3dfx Voodoo Banshee Retromachine”

  1. Hello !

    I own a Banshee and when I play Links 386 Pro under MS-DOS 6.22, the display is two centimeters on the left… It’s solves when I adjust the monitor… Do you think it’s a vesa driver problem ? Thanks a lot !

  2. Really nice and tidy system you’ve got there! 😀 Are you on as well?

    1. Thanks, glad you like it 🙂
      I have an account, but I only visit every now and then and don’t post much. I am mostly active on and the retro section (Nostalgiedeluxx) of the board.

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