Site errors, continued

Today I discovered, that wordpress automatically overwrites changes that I made to my .htaccess file. I don’t know since when this happens, but I assume since the last WordPress Update. Whenever I replace the file with my working backup, it gets overwritten within 2 minutes. I think, I now have a working way to prevent wordpress from doing so, the fix can be found here (for anyone who is interested):

I hope the site will now work as intended, sorry again for this!

– Tweak

Site errors fixed

Hey guys, today I discovered that all pages except for the landing page showed a nasty “500 internal server error”. This is because I have customizations which get overwritten during wordpress updates and need to be redone after every update. I’m sorry that I didn’t notice this earlier, but now the site is up and running again 🙂

If this happens again, feel free to send me a mail to webmaster *at*, then I will fix this issue as soon as possible.

I will also add a new Banshee very soon to the site, so stay tuned!



It is finally done! After months of work I can finally open this new place for all of you interested in 3dfx Banshee cards. I hope this site proves useful to fans of old hardware – I am excited to read your feedback!